09 / 12 / 2014

“Description of the piece”

Dear Kate,

this is how we described formally our piece:

Strong Part: An object resembling a broken fragment of rock, part smooth, part rough texture. Like a strange rocky piece. Partly covered in moss/small plants. Material resembles earth brown coloured volcanic rock, and will erode naturally over period of one to two months. The object was originally part of a larger piece that was broken into three sections, one for Graz, one for sarajevo, one for Trieste. Each piece will be approximately 70 cms high with around 70 cms wide and around 400kg.  Because of the nature of its production, one cannot say in advance exactly what the dimensions will be, but around these parameters.

Base: will be fragmented and approximately 2 x 2 meters and 1,50 mts high. Made with different silk-screen printed jute sacks filled with sand. The sacks would be one on top of the other forming a solid base. It is going to be possible to observe on top layers of writing drawn from sources such as old texts, postcards, graffiti. It is made so it retains the footprints of visitors in layers.