11 / 23 / 2014

“fragment + fragment + fragment = rose”

Dear Kate,

We are about to sail to our third montage, I am anxious and at the same time relieved, I am expecting to seal the fragments together. Rose of the winds is about to become a complete body; the divided rocks already exhibiting in Trieste and Graz are soon going to be completed by a third in Sarajevo. Finally the big puzzle is coming to place. I wonder about this completeness of the piece, about this imaginary condition of putting them together, similar to our blog dynamic, the constellation of the three places can be followed, leaving traces in our minds and spectators, creating a new surface that just exist in an abstract mode. It is nevertheless very strange, that three pieces so down -to-earth due to their materiality (rocks and hand silk-screened jute sand sacks) could be at the same time so light to levitate and disappear. What a beautiful metaphor of construction…again the contra-position of fragile and hard, again the concept of opposite forces comes back as red coherence thread for our project.




Dear Naya,

Our third set-up, Trieste, Graz, now Sarajevo, each piece the same concept yet individual – we were talking today about how they have through themselves taken their own scale, shape and identity, their own interaction with the site which moulds them just as much as they intervene within that situation.

The circle is complete, but not in the sense of being over. The circle made by the three pieces is that strong geometry connecting three cities and the bonds formed by our collaborations that will keep the circle spinning in motion into the years to come. A thin, light circular line, a thread that is never ending and resistant and incontrovertible in its completeness.