09 / 16 / 2014


Dear Kate,

where to put the works seems since the beginning a stronghold of the proposal. The pieces, to our understanding, needed to be located in front of a paradigmatic building of Habsburg  times. Allow me to remind us the first ideas of our proposal on the topic…



…the sites of the three-part installation will also be chosen to this end. For example, in Graz the site will draw a link between today’s lively multicultural Griesplatz and its WelscheKirche, constructed from 1717-1725 by Graz’s ‘Welscher’ community of Italian master builders to serve as their own church, a third of it funded by the local aristocracy. The church is an exquisite symbol of how these important immigrants to Graz helped to shape the fabric of our city. Over many generations, the district of Gries has provided the first home of arriving immigrants, their first experience of Graz. Today, Griesplatz is an increasingly lively centre of integration and coexistence. The resulting installation here will celebrate the positive influences of this diversity. Griesplatz is currently experiencing a revival and this project will support and contribute to that process. The project will also aim to draw people who might otherwise not visit Griesplatz so that it becomes a natural part of their personal cartography of the city.


Foto: Eva Mohringer

License:Creative-Commons-ShareAlike 3.0