11 / 12 / 2014

“The language palimpsest”


Dear Kate, the invitation is out, the opening of the “rose of the winds” for Graz will take place on Friday 14th of November at 16:00.

The opening will be marked by an event entitled “The Language Palimpsest”. A City Talk with the curators will discuss the opportunities for public art in each of the three cities. There will then follow a concert by Graz-based computer musicians David PirrĂ² and Hanns Holger Rutz. Their work intersects in the improvisation of software systems they have developed themselves. The focus of the concert at the Welsche Kirche church lies in reciprocal writing and overwriting processes.

The “Language Palimpsest” event is sponsored by Land Steiermark cultural department, the Land Steiermark ‘Sprache Verbindet’ programme and the Institute of Electronic Music and Acoustics (IEM).